What’s this blog about? Astrology, mostly! Exploring unique, interesting ways of learning and studying the wisdom of the stars. This post delves into the core themes I plan on exploring.

Introductions and Wayfinding


Welcome to the Starry Woods!

I’m your host, Tony-of-the-Woods, and I’ll kick things off by introducing my vision for this creation. This is post number one of hopefully many, wherein I explore several aspects of astrology, as well as philosphy, magic, animism, occultism, spirituality, and weird studies.


In this blog, I hope to do the following:
  • outline interesting and effective astrological techniques, demonstrating and practicing delineation and prediction
  • post astrological forecasts, once I feel up to it
  • share learning methods for astrology, especially geared to self-study, including charts, infographics, and worksheets
  • muse on philosophy of various kinds, especially occult philosophy, animism, and Whiteheadean metaphysics
  • explore bioregionalism, permaculture, and right-relations with our human and other-than-human relations (plants, animals, rivers, spirits, etc)
  • delve into spirituality, magic, and personal growth

 The Deep Study of (mostly) Traditional Astrology

The primary focus of this blog is astrology. The astrology that I’m most interested in, and am actively studying, is Traditional or Classical, primarily from the Hellenistic and Early Medival Perso-Arabic periods. That being said, I believe that every age of astrology has value, and like many others today I’m happy to explore modern astrological concepts as well.


Abu Mashar's On the Revolutions of the Years of Nativities
Abu Mashar’s On the Revolutions of the Years of Nativities: a foundational text of traditional astrology.

Since I’m currently intensively teaching myself astrology, utilizing many books, podcasts, and other resources, a large chunk of this blog will be dedicated to sharing information and insights as I learn them, distilling down and re-presenting information in a manner that I think would be easier to understand for someone learning solo, like me.


At the same time, I plan on reviewing learning materials, collecting together recommendations for books and mini “syllabi” that others can use, and creating and sharing my own tips and tricks.


Something that I have found helpful as well are detailed interpretations of charts and examples of techniques, and I hope to contribute with some of my own.


Since I plan to discuss many topics from foundational/beginner to (hopefully) advanced, in no particular chronological order, I will try to make the difficulty level clear, and list out prereqs when necessary.


Please keep in mind that I am a student of astrology, and this blog will reflect my ongoing learnings. If you are new to astrology, remember that this blog is in no way intended to be authoritative, and to take everything with a grain of salt. That being said, I’ll be sharing techniques, viewpoints, and learning tools that I hope will help out my fellow students, and hopefully inspire practicing astrologers as well.

A Little About ME


My Sun is in Scorpio, Moon in Aries, Ascendant in Cancer. I run a body care business, tend my permaculture garden-farm mini-homestead, and love studying all the topics of this blog.


I’ve got a degree in linguistics and Germanic languages, so I’m a huge language nerd. I’m into writing fantasy fiction, though I typically just prefer building worlds and creating languages.


I hope you join me on this journey! And, if you’re reading this at any time, and you’re vibing with my direction, feel free to comment on some topics that you’d like to see expanded on and explored and I’ll take note.



Yours amongst the trees and under the stars,


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