Check out my Curated and Partially Annotated list of my favorite resources for learning astrology! Here’s a selection of my top picks of books, podcasts, and websites for stellar studying.




What follows is a Curated and Partially Annotated list of my favorite resources for learning astrology, primarily those which are freely available online. This is not meant to be comprehensive, but rather a starting point for your exploration. My plan is to continuously update this list while this blog remains active.


LAST UPDATE: 11/13/2022


These are materials that I continuously return to. Great for learning and deepening the foundations of astrology, and for learning more techniques.


These are the books I HIGHLY recommend for new astro students and enthusiasts. This is just a starting point, since I’m a huge book lover (I’ll probably make a separate list of more books in the future).


A modern, basic astrology text. While I like intensely-detailed traditional-focused astro-tomes (maybe that’s my Mercury in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn), a basic coffee table modern intro book is great to gain a basic understanding of the planets, signs, houses, and aspects, and how astrology is understood my many, if not most people today. Here are a few options, some of which are more detailed than others:


Introduction to Traditional Astrology by Charles Obert

Horoscope Symbols by Robert Hand – While this text is from the earlier phase of his astrological career, before he began focusing primarily on reconstructing traditional astrology (along with the other two Roberts, Schmidt and Zoller), this book is a solid introduction to the building blocks of astrology.

The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest – a modern dive into the rich symbolism of astrology. This book brought me deeper into the energy of the 12 zodiacal signs than any other resource.

You Were Born for This by Chani Nicholas – an intro book, looking deeply into natal Ascendant, Sun, and Moon placements. Informed by both traditional and modern astrology, this is a great way to really dig into these three key placements in any chart.

Astrology and the Authentic Self by Demetra George – This book consistently amazes me. Ultimate Grandmaster of Astrology (as dubbed by me), Demetra George, offers a concise presentation of her own synthesis of traditional and modern astrologies. Beginners may wish to work through her Astrology for Yourself first, as this book moves quickly, offering a complete outline of chart interpretation, along with a throughly worked-out example chart. I keep returning to this book, and am always surprised by how much knowledge is held here. This book should be high on your list.

Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune by Chris Brennan – This tome is beautiful and informative, teaching the foundations of Hellenistic-era astrology, step-by-step. Especially good for history buffs and detail-oriented learners.

Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice: A Manual of Traditional Techniques, Volume I: Assessing Planetary Condition and

Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice: A Manual of Traditional Techniques, Volume II: Delineating Planetary Meaning, by Demetra George – I have not yet read this two, however I’m so confident with the author’s ability that I had to share these here. This duo is Demetra’s opus on Hellenistic Astrology, complete with exercises and worksheets.

On the Heavenly Spheres by Helena Avelar and Luis Ribeiro- A thorough reference text on foundational medieval and Renaissance astrology. Written in the traditional format of an astrological treatise, this text is a great reference, covering a vast array of topics. Primarily focused on astrological priciples, rather than interpretation. Pair with their book Traditional Astrology Course: Essential Concepts & Interpretation Basics for a full self-paced course.

A Tiny Universe, by Joy Usher

A physical, book-shaped ephemeris. This is the one I have. Watch this Astrology Podcast video on How to Read an Ephemeris.

some ancient texts

The Anthology, by Vettius Valens – also available, edited by Chris Brennan with charts and diagrams added, for purchase here.

Tetrabiblios, by Claudius Ptolemy

Mathesis, by Firmicus Maternus


I also own and love the following three translations of key medieval Islamicate astrology by Benjamin Dykes:

free courses

I was astonished to find these two completely free astrology courses available online! I haven’t perused these in their entirety, however I really enjoy what I’ve seen of both of them.

Garthastro Healing Arts – This course/YouTube account is a must-see. This is a comprehensive video-based course, with each episode offered live via Zoom, then released for free on YouTube. The instructor is entertaining and informative. For learning traditional astrology, primarly with a medieval-era focus, this is your starting point. As of November 2022, new video workshops are being offered 1-4x per month, on Sundays.

Free YouTube Astrology Academy and YouTube Academy Year 2 – These two collaborative courses offered for free through YouTube by Stormie Grace cover the basics of astrology, from both modern and traditional perspectives. I really enjoy these videos to broaden my astrological perspective and learn new concepts and techniques which I can apply to my own practice.

Sites and Channels

Great online content that I return to again and again.

The Astrology Podcast – Probably needs no introduction. Essential, especially the following episodes; watch these over and over:

Nightlight Astrology, by Adam Elenbaas

The Oraculos Podcast


These are wonderful references, as well as entertainment-leaning materials.


Astrology Podcast – monthly and yearly forecast discussion amongst three expert astrologers, 2-3 hours each. Great learning resource, take notes.

Nightlight Astrology – daily videos, including deep dives into current and upcoming transits, as well as monthly and yearly forecasts. Adam provides a spiritual focus that is soul-nurturing and also informative.

Cam White Astrology – weekly forecast videos, plus other videos on pertinent transits. Cam’s approach to astrology is intense and pulls no punches.

Spencer Michaud Astrology – new and full moon forecast videos, with a guest astrologer most episodes. Spencer, much like Nightlight Astrology, takes a spiritual, healing approach to astrology.

Wanderings in the Labyrinth – a great blog, which includes decanly forecast write-ups.

Zamboni Funk – weekly videos plus daily short forecasts. Zamboni provides fun, positive and laid back forecasts for free on YouTube.

CHANI – daily horoscopes, plus more detailed explorations of major transits

Other Sites and Channels

This is a list of just a few of my favorite online astro sources. A mix of websites, podcasts, and YouTube channels, in no particular order for the time being.

Skyscript – a ton of traditional astrological material

Joy Usher – site and blog of author of A Tiny Universe

Charlie Obert – site and blog of author of several approachable books on traditional astrology.

Chris Brennan – site of The Astrology Podcast host and author of Hellenistic Astrology. Also see The Hellenistic Astrology Website and The Astrology School.

Austin Coppock

T. Susan Chang – great content on tarot, especially the decanic minors.

Seven Stars Astrology – blog on traditional astrology

Kelly’s Astrology

Soul Friend Astrology

Patrick Watson

The Lost Horoscope X-Files

Anthony Louis

Nina Gryphon

Benjamin Dykes

Jenn Zahrt, PhD

Stars and Stones


The Mountain Astrologer Magazine

Diana Rose

Empress Craft

Omega Astrology

TriplciTea Podcast

Kosmic Tonic

Nightlight Astrology

The Mercuranians

Water Trio Astrology Podcast

Free Software

What I Use:

  • – My favorite free chart site, with many many options.
  • – The oldie-but-goodie, the classic free online chart resource. I primarily use to calculate fixed stars by paran, and to generate custom ephemerides.
  • Morinus, traditional version – a free software download. Simple and customizable; I love this software. Recommended by Charlie Obert as well, check out his video tutorial.

These three are more than enough for me at this time. In the future, I’ll probably get Solarfire, the industry-standard paid astrology software, however it is 100% not necessary to learn and practice astrology.

Others That Are Nice:

patreons and memberships

A list of paid membership sites that I highly recommend, either from trying them myself, or being otherwise familiar with the creator’s work.

Ali A. Olomi – erudite and entertaining explorations and translations of medieval Islamicate astrology. Plus, jinns!

HOROI Project – translating Greek astrological texts, including the complete Introduction to Astrology by Paulus Alexandrinus.

Sasha Ravitch – poetic, soulful, and magical astrological explorations, with a special focus on fixed stars.

Andrew Watt – decanly forecasts and more!

John Michael Greer – political and mundane astrology, with forecasts and advanced papers on these topics.


Hopefully this list of astro resources is helpful! If you know of other especially helpful books, websites, podcasts, or other content, please let me know!


Yours amongst the trees and under the stars,



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